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Explore the irresistible world of pattern created by Ayme Fitzgerald

Intense colour, exotic florals and wild safari inspired designs created for today's disconcerting client.  Bold statement pieces and pattern designs that demand attention. Specializing in digitally printed wallpapers and textiles.


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Ayme is a surface pattern designer with an explosive use of colour.


Daring to be different, Ayme's digital approach to her wallpaper and surface pattern designs creates beautifully bold pieces for the designer home.  Ayme's unique style combines her love of hand drawing and photographic imagery, her digitally printed wallpapers and fabrics create a dramatic impact to any setting.


A riot of oversized blooms, tropical florals and twisted botanicals inspire this collection of designer wallpapers in truly stunning colours.


For those seeking something different, look no further, luxury fabrics and funky statement wallpaper in loud exotic colours. 

Almost any pattern is possible - Be inspired !